A national Symposium for the RE and arts sectors will occur in Cambridge, England in 2021 due to the COVID outbreak. More information to follow.

The Symposium will provide a platform for discussion on how best to provide pupils with  an academically rigorous and critically aware understanding of religion and worldviews. It will share evidence-based approaches to providing opportunities for young people to explore and develop their own values and beliefs, encouragement to show a positive, caring attitude towards other people, and an understanding of the social and cultural traditions that underpin the diversity and richness of life in modern Britain.

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REConnecting Lincolnshire
The Lincoln Diocesan Board of Education
103 Newport, Lincoln LN1 3EE, England / 01522 594016


ReConnecting Lincolnshire

The Diocese of Lincoln Education Board

103 Newport, Lincoln LN1 3EE, England 01522 594016