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Welcome to the Our Place Education Pack. Throughout the lockdown of summer 2020 we created this suite of learning activities as an alternative to the planned Theatre in Education tour of the play Our Place, which was due to be performed in Lincoln Cathedral and Boston.

Our Place is a specially-commissioned play that is set in Lincolnshire and looks at themes of identity, belief and world-view through the eyes of three young people, Beth, Josh and Ali. 

The learning activities use the content from Our Place to inspire and spark your imagination as they focus on art and creativity as a learning tool.

You can listen to four sections of the play as audio excerpts. These sections show key moments in the young people's lives and are used as starting points for some of the lesson activities.

You can also find the full script from the play.

The lesson activities are divided into five themes which are key to the play -BELIEFS, IDENTITY, FUTURES, DISAGREEING WELL and RESPECTING DIFFERENCES.

You can dip into any of these activities, either on your own at home or with a group at school.

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Click on the pictures below to hear the audio recordings created from Our Place and connected to the education pack ideas.

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Click image to view the script

Click image to view the films

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