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Exploring Black
Evangelical Christianity Worldviews 

A suite of podcasts exploring different worldviews

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  •  An original audio play informed and co-written by students, the wider community and a writer.

  • Recorded conversations between students, community members, educational professionals and worldview practitioners.

  • An immersive soundscape that connects with the narratives and discussion.

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Key Podcast Details

Theme - Black Evangelical Christianity

Location - Bristol

Dates - October 2021 – May 2022

School - City Academy, Bristol

With the help of - Woodlands Church

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Audio Play Synopsis 

'True Colours'
Two families, one street, neighbours disagreeing badly.

Can a new friendship heal the rift?

'True Colours' looks at how one young person begins a journey of faith and a relationship with Jesus, resulting in an eventful baptism.

With themes of racism, bullying and the search for acceptance, the play looks at how forgiveness, kindness and friendship can enable one young person to find their own path and a LGBTQ church in which they feel at home. 

Audio play starts from 00:00 to 13:30

See the podcast link at the top of the page

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In Conversation

With the young people as interviewers, members of Woodlands Church and writer Roy Francis provide honest, reflective answers about their faith and the issues found in the audio play.

 In conversation starts 13:35

See the podcast link at the top of the page 

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Sound is a crucial factor in the Evangelical Christian tradition. Songs of praise and spoken
sermons are integral to the service, and with such emphasis on sound and music, the
logistics are anything but simple. From multitrack recording, a professionally microphoned
stage of musicians and singers, as well as a front of house mixer, the modern Evangelical
service is more akin to a concert than traditional services. 

I found myself drawn to the dynamic profile of the sounds of worship, introspective sermons
followed by loud joyous songs, as well as near silent moments of reflection. 
 I wanted to celebrate

the care taken to curate a service that is designed to move, inspire, and connect with God.

I recorded these at a variety of distances with various microphones set up throughout the
buildings to shift and warp the listeners' vantage point, with contrasting passages of the
hustle and bustle of the city outside. Much like the service I attended, the piece has an ebb
and flow of high energy followed by quiet moments. These act as respite for the listener as the
sonic landscape transforms around the ears demonstrating the sanctity of space and sound
within C
hristian worship and everyday life.

Cameron Naylor - Sound Artist

Soundscape starts 23.00 to the end 

See the podcast link at the top of the page

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Education Pack

Each podcast has its own bespoke education pack filled with structured and progressing activities designed to assist the teacher in the classroom. Links can be made with the RE and PSHE curriculum,

as well as other curriculum areas.

Download the Education Pack

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Emily Bignell - Creative Director and Drama Facilitator
Jenny Davis – Writer
Cameron Naylor - Sound Design
David Brook - Audio Technician and Editor
David Lambert and Leanne Taylor - Producers
Anna Sandiford, Shooting Fish and Gillian Georgiou - RE Adviser (Lincoln Diocesan Board of Education) - Education Pack

Worldview partnership

Woodlands Church, Bristol 

Roy Francis - author 

Pupils from City Academy School, Bristol

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