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There are many reasons why it is important to respect people’s differences. It helps create a safe space in which all people feel valued. It helps us become more tolerant of difference and accepting of others. It helps us build a richer network of relationships around us.  

Mixing with those that are different from us means we get the opportunity to see the world through different eyes. We learn more about the world and ourselves in the process, which helps us grow intellectually and spiritually. It also opens the doors to many other opportunities, be they friendships, work prospects, travel possibilities or a wider understanding of the world in which we live.

REConnecting Lincolnshire is working with teachers, children and young people to enable respectful encounter with difference across faiths, cultures and generations.


Activity title: Eye colour questions

Activity description:
Pupils will work in groups to reflect on the ways in which humans use difference (including physical difference) to treat people differently.


Activity title: Photo Montage/Slideshow

Activity description:
Pupils will create a photo montage/slideshow celebrating differences.


Activity title: Woodland Community

Activity description:
Pupils will create natural artworks in order to reflect on the richness diversity brings to human communities.


Activity Title: Shaping a difference

Activity Description:
Pupils will write a poem using a self-created ‘word bank’ of expressions, phrases, words and ideas.


Activity title: Respecting Difference 1 – Diversity in the UK

Activity description:
Using research and reasoning skills, pupils will find out more about diversity in the UK and consider its impact.


Activity title: Respecting Difference 2 – Community Connections

Activity description:
Pupils will use research and analysis skills to explore the importance of community to religious groups and the impact of religious communities on their wider communities; there is the opportunity to develop the ability to use digital technology to share learning.

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Activity title: Respecting Difference 3 – Prejudice and Discrimination

Activity description:Pupils will analyse the experience of the characters in Our Place to consider the impact of prejudice and discrimination. They will carry out research into prejudice and discrimination relating to religion and religious communities, finding out about how people seek to actively challenge prejudice and discrimination..

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