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Exploring a
Humanist Worldview

A suite of podcasts exploring different worldviews

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  •  An original audio play informed and co-written by students, the wider community and a writer.

  • Recorded conversations between students, community members, educational professionals and worldview practitioners.

  • An immersive soundscape that connects with the narratives and discussion.

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Key Podcast Details

Theme - Discrimination

Location - Bristol

Dates - April to June 2022

School - Emersons Green Primary School, Bristol

With the help of - Humanists UK and Bristol Humanists

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In Pakistan, 11 year old Ayaan is growing up with doubts. It seems to him that although everyone around him is a Muslim, he is interested in exploring another worldview. 


But Ayaan isn't allowed to ask the 'wrong' questions. How do we know there is a god? Where did Ammi (his mum) go when she died? Questions like these carry strong, scary penalties. He mustn't step out of line - but he also cannot stay silent.


It isn't easy to discover who you are, but it is important to try. With the help of his friend Jimmy and his sister Amber, Ayaan explores worldviews, cultures and relationships to find out in the end what he really believes. 

Audio play starts from 00:00 to 20:15 

See the podcast link at the top of the page

Audio Play Synopsis 

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In Conversation

With the young people as interviewers, members of Humanists UK, the
Bristol Humanists and Sedef Ahmed a Muslim living in Bristol provide honest, reflective answers about their worldview, and the issues found in the audio play.

 In conversation starts at 20:15 to 33:20 

See the podcast link at the top of the page 

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Oral history is a key component in the teaching and dissemination of the Humanist tradition. 

 Whether it be on the streets on walking tours, or in a function room or town hall, the sonic component most important to the Humanist tradition

lies in the words spoken, rather than the spaces spoken within.


Similarly, the soundscape revolves around the oral tradition. The different sounds and spaces are reflective of the content and intent of the words

of the Humanists interviewed. The selected content articulates a grounded and rational approach, along with a sense of awe at the universe

through a focus on the scientific.


The resulting work serves to echo the words being spoken, rooted in material and fictional spaces, and heightened through choice moments of music.

Cameron Naylor - Sound Artist

Soundscape starts 33.20 to the end 

See the podcast link at the top of the page

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Education Pack

Each podcast has its own bespoke education pack filled with structured and progressing activities designed to assist the teacher in the classroom. Links can be made with the RE and PSHE curriculum,

as well as other curriculum areas.

Download our Humanist Worldview Education Pack

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Emily Bignell - Creative Director 

Lizzie Bourne – Writer
Emily Bignell – Drama Facilitator
Cameron Naylor - Sound Artist
David Brook - Audio Technician and Editor
David Lambert and Leanne Taylor - Producers

Anna Sandiford, Shooting Fish and Gillian Georgiou - RE Adviser

(Lincoln Diocesan Board of Education) - Education Pack

Worldview partnership

Julian Baggini - a humanist writer and philosopher

Matt Evans - Humanists UK

Maddy Goodhall - Bristol Humanists 

Sedef Ahmed - a Muslim living in Bristol 


Jessica Kaur - Amber

Lucky Azard – Abba

Ranj Nagra – Older Aayan

Simran Bhandari – Young Aayan

Michael McCredie – Guard

Shea Stokes - Jimmy

Eva O'Loughlin - Georgia

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