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Exploring Women in Anglican Christian worldviews

A suite of podcasts exploring different worldviews

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  •  An original audio play informed and co-written by students, the wider community and a writer.

  • Recorded conversations between students, community members, educational professionals and worldview practitioners.

  • An immersive soundscape that connects with the narratives and discussion.

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Key Podcast Details

Theme - The role of women in the Church of England

Location - Lincoln

Dates - April to November 2023

School - William Farr CofE Comprehensive School, Lincoln

With the help of - Lincoln Cathedral

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'The Fair Gospeller'

The Fair Gospeller is a historical tale that recounts the story of Anne Askew, a courageous woman from Lincolnshire who challenged the religious and societal norms of her time. Set against the backdrop of 16th-century England,

the play charts Anne's journey from a young, idealistic woman to a

fearless martyr for her beliefs.

 Anne spends much time reading the Bible and she begins to question the Catholic Church's practices and doctrines.  The play delves into Anne's brave actions, such as publicly reading the Bible in Lincoln Cathedral (which was illegal for women at the time) and openly challenging the Church's teachings. 

 Anne's encounters with prominent figures, including Queen Catherine Parr, shapes her beliefs and her struggle for religious freedom. Her determination to advocate for women's rights and religious reform lands her in trouble with the authorities, leading to her arrest, torture, and imprisonment.

 The play culminates in her dramatic execution by burning at the stake, emphasizing the sacrifices made by those who fought for their beliefs.

 Anne’s impact on the early stages of the English Reformation was significant and she left behind an enduring legacy. The Fair Gospeller encourages listeners to reflect on the struggles women have faced throughout history in their pursuit of equality and justice.

Audio play starts from 00:00 to 19:00 

See the podcast link at the top of the page

Audio Play Synopsis 

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In Conversation

With the young people as interviewers, The Venerable Karen Lund, Archdeacon of Manchester, The Very Revd Dr Jane Hedges, Interim Dean of Newcastle, Sally Bleasdale, Education Manager for Lincoln Cathedral and Gillian Georgiou, Diocesan RE and SIAMS Adviser, provide honest, reflective answers about their worldview, how their faith and/or work helps them to live and celebrate, and the issues found in the audio play.

 In conversation starts at 19:00 to 34:30 

See the podcast link at the top of the page 

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One of the most staggering features of a Cathedral is the enormity of the building. Acoustically, this makes small sounds big, short sounds long, and can be used to

project voices, and mask others. This piece articulates these facets of the Lincoln Cathedral, giving a sense of magnitude, from the enveloping ring of the bell,

to the tiniest of sounds dancing around the stone walls. Also included are the voices of the Cathedral, including orators from evening prayers, and the voices of the choristers performing the Evensong.

Cameron Naylor - Sound Artist

Soundscape starts 34.30 to the end 

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Education Pack

Each podcast has its own bespoke education pack filled with structured and progressing activities designed to assist the teacher in the classroom. Links can be made with the RE and PSHE curriculum,

as well as other curriculum areas.

Download our Education Pack

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Emily Bignell - Creative Director 

Neil A. Edwards – Writer
Ben Glover – Drama Facilitator
Cameron Naylor - Sound Artist
David Brook - Audio Technician and Editor
David Lambert and Leanne Taylor - Producers

Anna Sandiford, Shooting Fish and Gillian Georgiou - RE Adviser

(Lincoln Diocesan Board of Education) - Education Pack

Worldview partnership

Sally Bleasdale – Education Manager, Lincoln Cathedral

Jane Hedges – retired interim Dean of Newcastle

Karen Lund – Archdeacon of Manchester

Jennifer King - Head of Religious Studies, William Farr Church of England

Comprehensive School 


Young people from William Farr Church of England Comprehensive School 

Arthur Stevens - Morgan 

Sienna Batu - Finley 
Scarlett Picker - Skylar

Trinity Burton - Riley

Matthew Pitfield - Narrator

Sarah Edwards – Corkhill

Laura Turner – Anne Askew (Anne Kyme)
Michael McCredie – Priest
Neil Edwards – Sir William Askew and Christopher Brittain
Anthony Glennon – Thomas Kyme and Sir Thomas Wriothesley
Ben Glover – Sergeant at Arms
Martyn Bignell – Shaxton

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