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November 2018 – July 2019

In 2019 we developed the play Our Place. 

Our Place investigated some of the cultural and religious tensions arising in today’s social and political climate, charting an important time in adolescent life when identity is carved and existence questioned.

Our Place incorporated live performance, original film, visual arts and a bespoke set design. Each participating student worked collaboratively with a professional artist to contribute to the finished production developing new creative skills, exploring and deepening knowledge of the complex themes.

Following each performance young people took part in an educational workshop which served to explore and unpick the journey of each character, the wider contexts and cultures which impact upon their lives.

We worked in Grantham and the East Coast area.

The nine-month project worked with eight Lincolnshire schools and involved students in Year 5 and 6 (8-11 years old) and Year 7 (11/12 years old).

The eight participating schools were:


  • West Grantham Academy St Hugh’s

  • West Grantham Academy St John’s

  • Grantham St Anne’s Church of England Primary

  • Grantham National Church of England Junior


East Coast

  • Wainfleet Magdalen Church Of England Primary School

  • Friskney All Saints Church Of England (Aided) Primary School

  • Stickney Church of England Primary School

  • William Lovell Church of England Academy

PHASE 1-2019: Welcome

The project created unique opportunities for participating students and teachers by:


  • Stimulating courageous conversation and, in so doing, ensure young people and their families feel comfortable to step into, not avoid, sensitive issues


  • Exploring identities, weaving together strands of identity and threads of community in a way that offers a clearer perspective of who we are and who we live, work and learn with


  • Enabling young people to live well together, recognising that both our differences and similarities strengthen our lives and community



Theatre in Education

The project created unique opportunities for participating students and teachers: 


  • A touring version of the production Our Place visited 10 Lincolnshire schools in July 2019

  • Over 1500 young people and their families engaged with the Theatre in Education (TIE) tour, main performance and creative workshops

  • Learning to speak, listen and disagree well, thus empowering voices

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