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Exploring Muslim Worldviews

A suite of podcasts exploring different worldviews

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  • An original audio play informed and co-written by students, the wider community and a writer.

  • Recorded conversations between students, community members, educational professionals and worldview practitioners. 

  • An immersive soundscape that connects with the narratives and discussion.

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Key Podcast Details

Theme - White female reverts to Islam

Location - Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire

Dates - November 2021 – March 2022

School - Huntcliff Comprehensive, Kirton in Lindsey

With the help of - Scunthorpe Islamic Centre and Mosque, and Ahmadiyya Mosque

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Audio Play Synposis
'Coming Together'

Following the death of her father Kayla is seeking her own identity and purpose in life. She starts to visit the local mosque but she keeps it a secret as she fears her mum's reaction. One afternoon she is followed by her younger sister to the mosque where, after a heated discussion, she realises she needs to share her

new faith. The family comes together to talk about their differences and to

find a new way of living.

Audio play starts from 00:00 to 15:40

See the podcast link at the top of the page

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In Conversation

With the young people as interviewers, members of the Scunthorpe Islamic Centre, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, and two female reverts provide

honest, reflective answers about their faith, reversion and the issues

found in the audio play.

In Conversation starts at 15:50
See the podcast link at the top of the page

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As I went into this project, I, a white British musician was aware that music itself (or our Western definition of it) would not a play a part in this soundscape - or not as I would expect, at least. As such, I approached the gathering of sounds and resources with an open mind, and was very excited to see how meeting and talking to the Imams and students would inform my creative process. The young people at the mosque were incredible, and were equally as keen to teach us about the parts the sounds of Islam played in their daily lives as they were to learn about soundscapes and how I went about putting them together.


As I began to arrange the gathered audio in my studio, it was clear to me that sound played a vital part in day-to-day Muslim life.  In fact the single strongest sonic thread throughout the soundscape - and the thing to which everything else was in some way pinned - was the incredible and evocative call to prayer (Adhan). The reciting of prayers and readings from the Qur'an also provided a pivotal backbone to the entire piece, and gave me many new and exciting textures to work with.

Anthony Davey, Sound artist

Soundscape starts 26:50 to the end 

See the podcast link at the top of the page

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Education Pack

Each podcast has its own bespoke education pack filled with structured and progressing activities designed to assist the teacher in the classroom. Links can be made with the RE and PSHE curriculum, as well as other curriculum areas.

Download our Muslim Worldview Education Pack

Download Muslim Pack
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Emily Bignell - Creative Director 

Laura Turner – Writer
Ben Glover and Michael McCredie – Drama Facilitator
Anthony Davey - Sound Artist
David Brook - Audio Technician and Editor
David Lambert and Leanne Taylor - Producers

Anna Sandiford, Shooting Fish and Gillian Georgiou - RE Adviser

(Lincoln Diocesan Board of Education) - Education Pack

Worldview partnership

Scunthorpe Islamic Centre and Mosque

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and Mosque

Fiona Tong – Lynne (Mum)
Georgina Jane - Kayla
Beth Easdown - Evie

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